Learning to Let Go 

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Research-Informed & Evidence-Based

Designed by Dr. Brittany Harker Martin (Dr. Britt), Brain Smoothies are informed by decades of research from arts education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, plus cutting-edge research from Dr. Britt’s lab associated with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary.

Easy-to-use exercises (we call them recipes) that promote mental wellness.

Zero artistic talent or creativity required!

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Brain Smoothies

Boost Your Brain Through Art

Brain Smoothies are designed to disrupt the time-bound and agenda-driven thoughts that dominate daily life while activating the brain for optimal experience, focus, and enjoyment. 

Each session is infused with tips, tricks, and techniques with benefits such as mindfulness, stress management, metacognition (thinking about thinking), and self-regulation – underpinned by empirical research!

Meet Dr. Britt

Wellness Can Be a

Work of Art... 

Just like drinking a smoothie can nourish your body, a Brain Smoothie is a healthy "art-snack" for your mind. Scheduling Brain Smoothies into your routine can help you learn and practice how to regulate your own mental states.

That’s why Brain Smoothies are not art lessons; they are wellness lessons through art.

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Our Mission

At Brain Smoothies, we provide wellness activities and education in ways that disrupt elitist notions of art and artistry while nourishing the artistic mind in everyone.   

Our Vision

We aspire to co-create a positive world where wellness and artistry flourish in everyday life and arts education is accessible to all.