Coming Soon!! (2024)

Dr. Britt is working hard to get all of these initiatives off the ground. 

Soon, individual users will be able to join the Brain Smoothies Club for regular access to our growing library of on-demand Brain Smoothies sessions, plus enjoy members-only perks, like special invitations and discounted supplies and events. Small monthly fee - cancel any time - it's a no brainer!

Teachers or wellness facilitators will be able to level up and become a Brain Smoothies PRO to access our innovative teaching resources, instructional videos, and discounted supplies, plus connection to your community of Brain Smoothies certified educators. PRO membership includes special access to the Brain Smoothies Club that allows you to stream pre-recorded sessions with your students. Low monthly fee - limited commitment - it's a real weight off your mind! 

Stay tuned!

Brain Smoothies Boost Your Brain Through Art

Brain Smoothies are designed to disrupt the time-bound and agenda-driven thoughts that dominate daily life while activating the brain for optimal experience, focus, and enjoyment. 

Each session is infused with tips, tricks, and techniques benefits such as mindfulness, stress management, metacognition, and self-regulation – and this is supported by empirical research!

Our Mission

At Brain Smoothies, we work to empower art-based benefits in society.

Our Vision

We aspire to co-create a positive world where wellness and creativity thrive and art is accessible to all.